Road to Redemption Series: Shaciera Speaks

Shaciera Speaks Shaciera is a woman who has experienced things in this life that should have broken her, but she allowed God to use those things to blossom her. I admire her transparency and the way she allows God to bless so many young women through her testimony. She shares parts of her testimony as... Continue Reading →

Road to Redemption Series: Armando

Armando IG: godmade702 This week's Road to Redemption story shares the testimony of my brother in Christ Armando. He comes from a history of drugs, gang banging, and alcoholism BUT GOD! God's love, grace, and mercy saved him and redemption found him. What I love about his story is that once the Lord saved him... Continue Reading →

Are You a Recalled Product?

  Recall is a term often associated with either food, prescription drugs, or a manufactured good. As consumers when an item is recalled it is a red flag for us to make sure the recall doesn't apply to anything we have consumed or purchased. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration describes a recall as this,... Continue Reading →

The Thing About Back Roads

Almost everyone who knows me knows that I have sight, but that I really can't see too  well. I've needed new glasses for some time now, and I'm about sick of myself for taking so long to get them lol. Unless I am familiar with the roads I'm travelling, at night I absolutely cannot see.... Continue Reading →

Our Father….

  Before I came to know Christ, I would often go through these seasons where it felt like I had no idea who I was. I would often take on the personalities and characteristics of who my friends were at the time, all the while having my own identity crisis. It then went from finding... Continue Reading →

The Truth About The Harvest

Harvest is a term used by farmers to describe the end of their growing season when they gather the crops that they planted. This is usually a time of celebration, as they get to see the fruits of their labor and "reap what they have sown." In order for them to have a harvest they... Continue Reading →

Step on The Tracks

Picture this. You have to reach a destination, but the only way to get there is to cross over a set of train tracks. Yes, there is a train on the tracks but the train is not currently moving. You know how bad you want to reach your destination, but you scare yourself out of... Continue Reading →

Every Storm Has To End

Transparency moment. Today I had another one of those days where I gave my problems more attention than I did God. One thing after another has been going wrong for a couple months now and today I was just drained. Tuesdays are bible study at my church, and in my flesh I didn't want to... Continue Reading →

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