Pain Should Never Be Wasted

When it comes to our pain it’s hard to imagine the possibility of us being selfish about our pain. After all it’s ours not anybody else’s right? We should be able to bottle and distribute our pain as we see fit…..wrong. Think about it. How many of us have only been able to get through something, because someone who wasn’t selfish about their pain shared their experience with us. It’s easy to throw ourselves a pity party and ask God, “Why me?” but what’s the point in all of that?

When I think about the amount of tears I cried, and traumatic experiences I’ve survived, I can no longer imagine wasting any of it. Pain should never be wasted; it is more valuable than something that just stemmed from a brilliant idea. Pain births miracles. Pain births ministry. Pain, as ironic as it sounds, births healing. If every tear you cried could prevent the tears of someone else, how beautiful would that be? How joyous would you feel about that pain then?

Imagine the new life that the labor pains of a woman brings forth! Life itself is born from pain. The reason I can even consider myself redeemed is because I was given my life back after the pain endured by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ when He died for my sins…and yours. This is the same life that is free to any of you reading that is willing to receive it.

The world has convinced us that our pain will destroy us, but I’m here to tell you that it is our pain that molds us. Keeping my pain to myself will do nothing but eat me alive, so I’m willing to be transparent with you all so my pain can birth something beautiful.

Don’t ever let your pain be in vain. Don’t keep it to yourself. Remember, someone else’s pain is counting on your pain to bring them through.

What will you do with your pain today? The choice is yours.


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