Unreasonable Expectations

In everything you do, in every relationship you have, people are going to have expectations for you. Likewise you also have expectations for things or people whether you want to believe it or not. I often hear the saying “no expectations no disappointments,” but having no expectations has always seemed impossible to me; it’s human nature.

I kept finding myself in situations where I was expecting someone to behave a certain way, react a certain way, do a certain thing, and at the same time I wasn’t taking into consideration the expectations those people had for me. To me what I was expecting was reasonable, but perhaps to them I had unreasonable expectations.

In my feelings I cried out to God about it and the response I got wasn’t quite what i expected, go figure. I was asking Him why can’t people just do what they say they’re gonna do, why can’t they meet me halfway, why this and why that.

God said, “My Love why can’t you? Just like you expected things from those people who disappointed you and you expect things from me,  I expect things from YOU.”

WOW……..It was in that moment I realized not only do i get upset when people don’t meet my expectations, but I have the nerve to be upset with GOD when he doesn’t meet my expectations of HIM when and how I want HIM to. Not only that, when was the last time I first concerned myself with God’s expectations for me before coming to Him with my list of expectations for Him. 

Like me, a lot of us have unreasonable expectations for a beyond reasonable God.

Now nothing is impossible for God, and there is no expectation we can have that He won’t exceed, but it is the principle of the matter.

God expects holiness, He expects respect, He expects reverence, He expects obedience, and more than an expectation He desires our love. God really does not expect or require much from us with Him being who He is to us, and doing what He did for us. These things are reasonable expectations, but for many of us we have convinced ourselves they are unreasonable and impossible. We wanna have fun, we have needs, we’re not ready, we we we we. Enough is enough!

To be quite honest no expectation of me from God can ever be unreasonable. He gave His one and only son to die for my sins that I may have everlasting life. How can anything be unreasonable for the creator of the universe, for the king of kings for the Lord of Lords? Not only does He forgive me for my mistakes but He forgets them too, unlike us. You know we like to fake forgive and never forget, bringing up someone’s mistake over and over again every chance we get. Not God,

What’s unreasonable is the expectations we have for God while we blatantly turn our backs on Him. What’s incredible is that he still exceeds those expectations despite our betrayal of Him.

Ask yourself…

Are you expecting God to do for you what you won’t even do for Him?

Are you praying for the very things that God has been desiring for you do to but refuse to?

You want to be loved by somebody, but do you even love Him?

You want to be able to trust people but can God trust you?

You don’t want to be ignored you yearn for communication, BUT how long do you sometimes go without speaking to God…hear His voice but ignore Him?

In all our expectations for people we have forgotten about the expectations of our Lord and Savior. We concern ourselves more with meeting the expectations of man than those of God, and after it’s all said and done we want to demand an answer from God as to the who, what, when, where and whys of our lives.

I’ll say it again, we have unreasonable expectations for a beyond reasonable God.

God sure checked me!

Do a little heart check. If this is you if it was you, repent now. Asking God for forgiveness is just another one of His reasonable expectations and in return we receive extraordinary grace.

Love ya’ll and God does too!


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