Road to Redemption Series: Armando


IG: godmade702


This week’s Road to Redemption story shares the testimony of my brother in Christ Armando. He comes from a history of drugs, gang banging, and alcoholism BUT GOD! God’s love, grace, and mercy saved him and redemption found him. What I love about his story is that once the Lord saved him he did not keep it to himself. He let the new found light the Lord placed in him shine for his family, who now also have joined the road to redemption. It’s never about how you start, but always about how you finish. I pray this will inspire you as much as it did me.

What does being redeemed mean to you?

Being redeemed to me means because of my sins I was destined for hell, but Christ came and paid the price for me and for everyone.

Describe the journey of your road to redemption. 

My road to redemption is glorious in the sense that it shows how truly good God is even when we are unworthy. I grew up in a family plagued by drugs , alcoholism , drug dealing , gangs, ect. As I entered into my teenage years I fell into bang banging and dealing drugs at my school. Once I graduated, my lifestyle was completely wrapped in those things and women. At the age of 20 I got arrested for having fake prescriptions and was facing up to 10 years in prison. At that point, I just figured my life was ruined. Although I knew what I was doing was illegal, I didn’t think about the consequences until they were right in my face and became real . So I remember just sitting and thinking, if I’m going to sit in jail and have what’s supposed to be the most exciting time of my life, my 20’s, taken away because of my mistakes, then I need to get right with God. I remembered a girl I’d known since high school who was very much a believer in Christ and wasn’t afraid to admit it. I used to make fun of her calling her a square , a lame , and other things. Even though she saw me many times fight , act up , or whatever she never judged me. She would always just say, “Armando , I’m gonna get you to come to church one day.” When she used to say that I would just brush it off. BUT GOD!  At the time when I knew I had to get right with God, I thought I need to go to church and I need to find my friend’s church. I went a few times and probably around the 3rd visit, her sister told me to go up for altar call. My Bishop prayed for me and I’ve been doing my best to live for Christ daily ever since. God used one of the lowest times in my life and turned it around for a great victory. He used my friend to witness to me and show the love of God, and showed me nothing is too hard for God. Nobody is too gone or too bad that God cannot save and redeem them. All the charges were eventually dropped against me and I started attending church, which ended up inspiring my mother who struggled with alcoholism my whole life to start attending. She eventually got saved and delivered and now is active in ministry as well.  My life is just a testimony of God’s grace and mercy! The fact that He loved me and accepted me even at my worst, showed me love and turned my life around . I Love God with all my heart !

How has your life changed since giving it over to Christ?

I have stopped doing so many of the sinful things that used to consume my life. I’ve found joy , peace, and love for others because that’s what God gives me.

What words of encouragement do you have for those seeing redemption through Christ?

If I could give any words of encouragement they would be… ..Nothing is too hard for God. No matter what you’re going through or how low you feel, God is there and hasn’t stopped pursuing you . He is waiting for you with open arms ready to heal you , deliver you , and give you new life. Nothing compares to the love of God.

What’s your favorite scripture and why?

My favorite scripture is “For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.” Romans 5:6 . This scripture speaks to everyone’s life. Christ could’ve came and said He is only dying for those who deserve His blood to be shed for them, but He didn’t. He died for those who He knew might reject him , hate Him, and even never believe in Him. He died so that we could have the right to everlasting life because we couldn’t do it on our own. The price for all our sins was too much, but He paid the price . That’s Love !


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